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As part of the events marking the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), the Common Wealth Business Council (CBC) hosted the Commonwealth Business Forum (CBF) in Perth, Australia from the 25th to 28th of October 2011 with the theme ‘Partnering for Global Growth: the Commonwealth, Indian Ocean and the Pacific Rim’.

The then Executive Governor of Kaduna State, His Excellency, Elder Patrick Yakowa (of blessed memory), led the State delegation to the event. Governor Yakowa was also part of the Nigeria’s Presidential entourage to the event were President Goodluck Jonathan spoke on the topic ‘Unleashing Africa’s Potential: A New Vision’.


A series of one-on-one meetings were had with some key business executives and operators in the solid minerals and mining sector. Adroit networking at this event by the Governor and his team resulted in the arousal of investment interests in the State’s solid minerals and agriculture sectors by a couple of Australian businesses. There was also a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Mining Exploration Companies (AMEC), Australia – an association with over 6000 members. The meeting discussed possible areas of cooperation especially in respect of small miners and capacity development.


The Governor shared the platform with renowned industry experts at the Partnership Roundtable on ‘Engaging Communities through Training & Jobs’. The Roundtable was chaired by Mr. Andrew Forrest, chairman of Fortescue Metal Group). See full text of the Governor’s speech below

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